Martin Holsome For Texas Governor, 2022

In an age of political disappointments for the conservatives of our great state, Texans are frustrated and tired of not being able to distinguish their own elected Republican leaders from the Democrats that are working overtime to destroy our Republic, specifically Greg Abbott. Elected as a Republican, he has become a slave to the "Keep Austin Weird" mentality, a fact that rural Texans are not taking kindly to. His liberal policies, and inability to lead has left Texas in a vulnerable position that we have not before been. Just today, Governor Abbott has enacted a new unconstitutional order that will attempt to force Texas residents to wear masks in all public places, one-upping his previous order that requires all businesses to force their employees AND customers to wear masks. The new order is in effect The entire month of July. Many Texans fear that an order to shut down our economy again will soon follow. Many of us feel hopeless, some are even leaving the state. This is not freedom. This is not liberty. Our own governor has stripped us of that. What happened to the Lone Star state? What separates us from the pack? Who can step in as a true conservative?

This story has a happy ending. Governor Abbott has made his bed, and now he must sleep in it. Texans have learned that in this critical time for our nation, we need leadership. We as citizens need to more carefully vet those people who would ask for our vote. We as citizens have a real need for a leader. We need someone strong enough to take on the issues that matter most. We want to have some choices OUTSIDE the mainstream political talking heads. We at Woke Patriots had the distinct honor of running across just that person. A man that is truly the salt of the earth Texan that we all aspire to be.

Martin Holsome is more than just another politician in a sea of promises. He is a rural born and raised Texan, a logger with the work ethic to put in the hours that we need for change. Holsome and his family are no strangers to hard work and the American Dream. In Rusk Texas Martin is in his second term in City Council with a focus on the people. His conservative policy perspective and his will to fight for what is right allowed him to unseat a 14 term incumbent his first time around, and was uncontested in his second term. The story of his City Council run doesn't end there though. His predecessor is also his friend, and they often seek the council of one another. They agreed that they would run clean campaigns, because relationships still mean something to Martin Holsome. It takes a real man to run on his policies without attacking the character of the opposition. With the ability to manage a two full time businesses, family life, and his duties as a civil servant to the people of Rusk, Martin represents his district with unapologetic conservative values.

In a fight that was uphill, he enacted a mandate that cuts to the quick with opposing liberal policies in neighboring cities. As a dedicated Christian man, Holsome lead the charge to outlaw any and all institutions that performed abortions in Rusk. Martin runs his office and his business finances with full 100% transparency. His books are open for all to see. He wants the people to know that when they elect him Governor, they will already know everything about him.

On masks, Martin Holsome says that the current mask orders pose a problem for him in his understanding of the Constitutions, and we have to agree. Orders that restrict our movement as citizens, should be backed by legislation, and the mask orders are not.

Martin is a Trump supporter that believes in the rule of law. When we asked him what his thoughts were on Black Lives Matter, he said that "After encountering BLM up close in personal as I stood with armed patriots to protect our Alamo, I learned that they are a violent organization with an agenda that doesn't have anything to do with black lives." Additionally, being close with his Democrat Grandparents, Holsome had experience on both sides of the political spectrum. He stated that during the Bill Clinton presidency, he began to recognize that "The Democrat moral compass was broken." This had him looking for answers, and he quickly learned that his true calling was conservatism.

When asked what he would do as Governor, he quickly offered that he would call a special session with the intention to restore constitutional legislation. This shows that his focus is centered in fixing what is broken, which is a lot.

Sometimes, we need more than just to hear about a candidate form their commercials, or even from our neighbors. Sometimes we desire a deeper connection. We want to talk to the candidate ourselves. Woke Patriots has created a dedicated venue, where Texans can go and speak with each other, and directly with Martin Holsome. We want to officially endorse Holsome, and furthermore to thank him from the bottom of our heart for allowing us to get to know him on a personal level.

It's time to unseat Abbott, and we have just the man to do the job. Martin Holsome for Texas Governor in 2022.

Follow this link to join the discussion with Martin and his followers, as we help to grow this grassroots effort into an unstoppable train!

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