BLM: Forcing Apology for White Privilege

As George Floyd got his final funeral today, there is another movement underway by you guessed it, Black Lives Matter. They have been hitting the protests in force in order to bully Police Officers and citizens into kneeling in submission. Several videos out there show college age kids telling officers to "take a f*cking knee" while pointing signs and throwing water. I fail to see the need to have white people submit to your protests. The right to protest does not include impeding the freedom of other people, specifically based on race. We are witnessing the birth of a whole new racist movement. This is a movement of apology. When a man approaches a woman walking alone on the street and demands that she kneel and apologize for white privilege, we have officially reached a place of lawlessness. It is against the law to forcefully make another person do anything that impedes their movement. I hope that as the weeks and months pass, we are able to move past the expectation that white people should be sorry for being white. This Nation is full of free people that have the right to have a normal and happy life, regardless of other people's choices. When you see masses of white people kneeling before complete strangers and washing their feet, or apologizing for things that they never did, you are not creating bonds... you are creating a situation that will not easily be backed out of.

For all of the white people out there helping Black Lives Matter believe that they are owed an apology for white privilege, you are putting other free people in danger. Not everyone will be so apologetic. Our society is not just based on freedom, it is also based on LIBERTY. When you create an environment that has one race kneeling to another race for things that do not exist, you essentially rob people of their LIBERTY.


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