Overcrowded Hospital Narrative is FALSE.

Over the last few days, there has been a curious event that is taking place across the nation. In my specific instance, this event is in Houston Texas. What is this curious event, you ask?

Last week the Main Stream Media started a nationwide narrative that due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, many major cities were facing a bed crisis. This story was extremely successful when they ran in back in March and April, so naturally it should work again, right?

Wrong. After the initial "first wave" narrative of hospital bed shortages ran a few months ago, there were several viral videos that started to circulate social media. Regular people started to question the stories and some even went to their local hospital to see the carnage for themselves. What they found was that there was no overcrowding, there was no lines for testing, there was no activity of any kind that would even suggest there was a crisis at all.

Soon after people started to question this overcrowding narrative, the Main Stream Media responded with stories and investigative reporting that would counter attack those questioning the narrative. But it was all fiction as well. Major news outlets were caught red handed faking hospital wing photos, nurses protesting on the street were actors, healthcare workers caught on tape pretending to be patients, CPR dummies being ventilated, and photos of caskets that were from 12 years ago in a completely different incident. Did they ever apologize for any of the lies?

So now here we are, in the midst of a SECOND WAVE!!! (que the ominous music). They are starting with the overcrowding narrative again. Only this time something happened. People questioned it immediately instead of sheepling along like they did the first time. An amazing thing happened here in Houston. 2 of the largest hospitals in our city have walked back their claims of overcrowding after it was demanded that they prove it. Just do a google search and you will see that 4 - 7 days ago, the stories started running, then suddenly 1 day ago they began to walk it back.

Beware, the Main Stream Media, CNN, MSNBC and all their local affiliates are still running the narrative with a new twist, they are talking about the overall capacity of there hospitals. Many of these hospitals ALREADY run at 95% + capacity anyway, because Houston is a blue city under-funded crime-slum. But that doesn't stop the Media from using the words COVID and Overcrowding in the same headline.

Last week on facebook, I challenged the story of one E.R. nurse from San Antonio. He stated that the facility he worked at was being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients and they were going to have a bed shortage. I told him that i didn't believe him and offered to tour his facility and give him an interview so that he could show the world that this was really happening. CRICKETS.

Keep asking questions, keep demanding the truth. When in doubt, go see for yourself.

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