Protests update for 06/03/20

As I started my research this morning, I found at first glance that the "Protests" seemed less severe last night than in previous nights, across the nation. I was wrong. Although it appears as though the looting and vandalism was much less prevalent, that was countered by the fact that protesters focused their attacks on law enforcement officers, gunning them down in the street. After digging deep into the web, I found footage of rioting and looting that was posted by lesser known citizens, and individual cell phone footage that did not appear in the main flow of twitter and facebook. It lead me to the conclusion that perhaps the media is playing down the violence in an effort to slow the roll of the rioting. I want to believe that the increased military presence has helped. We will find out in the coming days, and especially into the weekend. The reduced coverage of the rioting has also made me weary that the next big event is just on the horizon. God only knows that that is going to be. Stay in prayer, and always vigilant.

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