The Left is at war... WITH YOU

If you choose to not be a racist, that is great. If you choose to accept those political groups and what they stand for, thats also great. So you choose to not agree with BLM, or ANTIFA, but you are not standing up to oppose their message or actions?

What is happening right now in this Nation is that the left has radicalized your kids, and an entire race of people to rise up against not just whites, but the police. They are blindly attacking people in malls, in the streets, and in their homes or businesses.

Old ladies walking down the street are being sucker punched. White professionals in the mall are being attacked simply because they are white and appear as an easy target. This is not a prediction of the worst case scenario... This is happening RIGHT NOW in America.

Even Woke Black Conservatives are being target by the left, because they are not playing along.

The ultimate end game is either removing Trump from office, or stopping the red landslide that is coming in November by any means.

Just remember this, if the liberal left is allowed to continue brainwashing their base, this war will be brought directly to your doorstep. You will be at war, regardless of how nice you are or if you even support their radical agenda.



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