Week in Review

After the violence of rioters and looters slowed to a dull roar, a new narrative was born from the ashes. This time the organization known as Black Lives Matter took to the streets with their initiative to shame and dominate white people, including police officers. In huge rallies across the Nation, organizers encouraged police officers to take a knee to "prove" that they supported Black Lives. This caused a shockwave of white apology across Democratic run cities. From police chiefs to mayors to college students, people were kneeling in submission. The problem is that this will not appease any of the BLM. They will need more. Much more. As radical leaders call for defunding the police in many of these same cities, Mayors and city council members are also kneeling, but in a very different way. It appears as though many of these cities will take immediate action to begin defunding their own police forces. This will again, lead to even more demands, as the anarchy ramps up. It would be wise for those citizens with means to do so, to pack up and leave before the purge becomes a reality.


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Today begins a 7 day Twitter jail sentence for the woke patriots Twitter account. In response to several calls for the death penalty for anyone who murders police officers in cold blood, I created a c