Woke Patriots on the Riots

Updated: Jun 1

At this point, I'm tired of hearing about George Soros and out of state Rioters. Some of these people are dying in the streets. I don't see any outrage for the death and carnage that is being caused by rioters. The minute those police officers abandon their precinct, they opened the doors for these powerful riots to get crazy! There was a time for restraint. My opinion is that the time for restraint has now passed. With kids dying in the street by each other's hands in Dallas and other cities, law enforcement needs to use force now to stop the bloodshed. This is no longer about George Floyd, and it has not been about George Floyd for 2 days. This is now about a leftist attack perpetrated by the Democrat party in concert with antifa and BLM. A CNN reporter literally stood in front of a burning building while describing the rioters as not unruly protesters. The absurdity of it all is beyond obvious. This will not get better until authorities both local and federal get involved. I don't even think that at this point the National Guard will be able to assist. We should call in the Marines and take out the bad actors.


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